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Our Mission
Enabling Neurosurgeons worldwide 
to perform the least invasive brain surgery for each of their patients



A brain hemorrhage happens when an artery in the brain bursts. This discharge of blood can disrupt the normal circulation to the brain. Brain hemorrhage is also known as hemorrhagic stroke and can cause temporary or permanent brain damage. It can also raise the pressure inside the skull to dangerous levels which might cause coma or death of the patient. 



Our proprietary micro-invasive technology can safely remove the brain hemorrhage and more patients can survive and recovery better. In addition, our technology decreases the operation time, blood loss, and the wound length. The problem with most minimally invasive surgery is that it is hard to learn, there is technical barrier that may make the surgery difficult even for the experienced surgeons, and that it can only be applied in medical centers. Since more evidence in the literature suggest the minimally invasive surgery do help patients, neurosurgeons worldwide has been interested in adopting this technique, but we know it is not easy. That's why we want to make it a device - a device as solution, that is easy to use and help more neurosurgeons saves lives also improve patient outcome. We know we can help more patients!

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