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The Question is Simple,

What Will You Choose?

If you are the patient


There are three surgical options for patients with brain hemorrhage. First, the tradition brain surgery requires a 3x3cm opening of the normal brain tissue (what we called "corticotomy") covering the blood clot. Besides, normal brain tissues were retracted with two retractors which will cause damage to the surrounding normal brain tissue. No wonder the surgical result is very bad, because you do more damage to the normal brain. The second option is the minimally invaisve surgery (MIN), smaller corticotomy (that's why they are called minimally invasive) but still about 2x2cm. This translates to a decreased in mortality and morbidity. With the mortality ranging from 20-25%, there is certainly room for improvement. Last but not least, our micro-invasive method can remove the blood clot through a 0.5x0.5cm corticotomy. The result is a substantial decrease in mortality and morbidity as well as significantly better recovery!

For the neurosurgeon,

It's as simple as ICP monitor insertion


We have designed the surgery to be safe, simple and fast! It is as simple as insertion of ICP monitor which is the most simple procedure in neurosurgery! Most trained residents or neurosurgeons can finish this procedure in 50 mins! 

For the healthcare system,

Most Cost-effective option

Less hospital stay & expenditure


In a randomized study of 90 patients, this method has been shown to be the most cost-effective method among all options. This also come with less ICU and hospital stay, less hospital expenditure, and better functional recovery! 

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