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One Doctor

One Hour.

Functions integrated,
easy & efficient to operate
A Revolution in Brain Surgery

Efficient Brain Surgery Procedure

We provide a better and efficient way to treat intracerebral hemorrahge (ICH).



We work with neurosurgeons to formulate ICH solutions and have world-class manufacturing capabilities.

Witness the Clinical Impact

We created a device which has been proven in clinical studies.

A best solution with minimal 

bloodless, less operation and better neurological recovery!

Clinical application 
Treatment of
Brain Hemorrhage



Brain hemorrhage, or hemorrhagic stroke, is the dealiest form of all stroke with the death rate as high as 36-60%. Only less than 20% of these patient can take care of themselves 3 months after the event. Each year, more than 4,600,000 patients received traditional brain surgery for this disease despite the known poor surgical outcome. We can make a difference via our proprietary micro-invasive technology. 

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays
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